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Saw it. Like it. Want it. 

to buy it.

Shop directly off Instagram.

3 Easy Steps to Buy




Share it

Share via chat the photo you want to shop.

Click it

We will reply with a link. Click on that link to see what you can buy from the photo.

Buy it

See what is in the photo and scroll through the similar options in the catalogue.


But hold on... you can sell your stuff too!

3 Easy Steps to Sell




Post it

Post a photo with clothing that you'd like to sell. 



Tag it

Click on the link we send you via chat and tag each item telling us:

Brand, Model, Size and a URL from where you got it.

Share it

We will generate a link for you to spread the word with your network. More people see it, faster it sells!

We will also spread the word by cropping the clothing (not your face) and placing them in our catalogue for more people to access. Don't want us to spread the word, simply tell us!

Why did we create Qlik?

For years, the Qlik founders have been surfing the web, watching movies and TV shows and seeing clothing that they liked wanted to buy. But after countless hours of searching for individual items, they realized, IT'S NOT EASY. Google Images and most visual recognition out there is inadequate. So we spoke to others - lovers of fashion, sports, travel etc. Everyone had that problem. At some point, they vividly remember seeing a piece of clothing or gadget that they wanted, but simply couldn't find. 

So we went and built it.

Qlik.AI is the Google Images combined with Shopping for the digital world. Using our sophisticated AI, you can easily and simply Qlik on an item inside an image and see what it is. We are working on building a catalogue of similar items so you can also browse what is visually similar.

We are working painstakingly to improve the tech, so we would LOVE to hear from you directly. Tell us what you want to see and how to improve the tech. We are here to build a tool that works for everyone!


Omg! Did you guys just simplify selling?

Tanya F.

Have questions? Comments? We'd love to hear from you!

Have questions? Comments? Suggestions?


We'd love to hear from you!